Thursday, January 26, 2006

Do You...Merkin?

A pubic Toupee

A family guy reference in two episodes
Man: "Hey kid, wanna buy a merkin?"
Chris: "What's a merkin?"
Man: "Why it's a pubic toupee"

imitation pubic hair. A pubic wig.Geoffrey wore his merkin unashamedly

a) A pubic wig

b) A citizen of the United States of America, particularly of the 'flyover states
'Ah'm prahd ter be a Merkin.

Pubic wig He wore his merkin with pride

A pubic wig for those of the female persuasion.Belinda, having undergone chemotherapy for the past couple months, resorted to wearing a merkin.

A merkin in the gay and lesbian set in Hollywood refers to a "usually" straight male escorting a gay woman to public events so as to attempt to camouflage the lesbian's secret sapphic lifestyle."T", the (secretly gay) actress is photogrpahed at the red carpet premiere holding onto "J", a well-known straight actor. People think they're "dating". He's her MERKIN for the evening.

Translated from olde english, merkin mean a pubic hair wig. Which today are very rare aliek the term itself.Shopkeeper (1643):A mirkin for your quim, me lady?

A pubic hair piece. A toupee for the pubic area/genitals. In the 1700’s when mercury was used to treat sexually transmitted diseases (Gonorrhea or Syphilis) one of the side effects was the loss of pubic hair. To disguise this condition, that was not cured by mercury, a Merkin was employed. 17th Century setting: Due to his treatment of the "French Pox" (syphilis) with mercury a merkin Gwendolyn used a Merkin to used to hide the side effects of hair loss and not alarm her husband.
toupee, syphilis, gonorrhea, hair pieces, genital hair piece

Friends of George W. Bush. A few merkins wear pubic wigs.My fellow 'merkins, Let's Roll.

A tiny afro toupee usually in the shape of a triangle commonly worn by semi-balding men from N.W.Indiana...because the shape matches their head perfectly.Eeeeew!!! John, is this your merkin in my soup again???

John leaned a little too far over the grill again, he was unaware his merkin was ablaze...I decided not to tell.
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